LoVeritas & CreARTors , Exhibition – Event @Sydney Australia


Exib Cover

“It was One Night, We Re-member…”

Not only for Milena Loveritas as Host Artist, but for Us as CreARTors manifesting together new ways of collaboration, innovation and networking.

This exhibition was created to be, One Night Sale – Only! In her interview for the Serbian News paper in Australia, Loveritas show “much appreciation and humbling Honor ” for having over 200 visitors passing by that night, along with several art collectors that have found interesting and courageous’ her multimedia presentation, collaboration and networking event.

This seemingly small’ exhibition has resulted in amazing sale of 75% of the presented paintings and auctioned sale of an collective painting that was co-created the same night. The same was donated for a charity purposes after the auction. Before the night was over, Loveritas had the opportunity to book 15 commissioned art pieces, along with several new friendships that later turned into new creative collaborations.

“I can’t Thank enough my dear friend Jewelry Designer Raphael Akelian and Joseph Akelian supporting me all the way through. Never the less, I Thank All Creatives who’s presence made this night flow so harmoniously and on the level I could never imagine it to be!”

When we ask Milena is there Serbia somewhere on her bucket list? She didn’t shy away from expressing her enthusiasm and excitement:

“I’m so looking forward to spread my arms all the way to Serbia as soon as I get there next time, it’s not on my bucket list, its my dream yet to be manifested.”

Thank you for sharing your time with us, we are pleased you’ve joined us!

If you wish to connect with Loveritas, please reach out via email, website or social media.

Creative Hugs, LCE Team

Music credit : @Wantungaa Music

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Creating The Energy Flow Within and in Spaces


It doesn’t matter where we live/work, nor it matters how much we have paid for our furniture and the houses.


Really it doesn’t and here is why?


From my felt experiences and personal Heart Knowing, what truly matters is the Energy we are creating and bringing into space. I’ve been living in many beautiful luxurious spaces and some super minimalistic.

Having the opportunities to travel in over 58 Countries around the World, to live and work in 6 of them, this itself was an adventurous journey where I had to learn how to

FEEL good and inspired to keep creating anywhere I go, no matter the circumstances.


The most exponential growth, yet my most challenging change was in 2018 when I’ve decided to explore and experiment living and working All while traveling in the Van.


After traveling in Europe as a tourist for over a year, something shifted in my perspective.

I have become more curious about the connection to Nature and smaller communities, than the big Cities and shiny’ places.


So, I’ve decided to buy the blank white shell (Ford Transit), few basic working tools, some wood material, paints, and canvases and started creating my new Home/Gallery from the scratch.

Armed with great enthusiasm, will power, courage, determination and curiosity, my journey into the unknown began at the Coast of NSW Australia.





  I had no plan, no idea where I’m going, why I’m going there and how long I’ll stay wherever I am. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, surely I could do a few things now differently.

However, everything I’ve experienced was a Novelty of some kind, filled with ecstatic energies of newness and beautiful aesthetics of Nature.

It becomes obvious to me that the energies were changing its frequencies every time I’ve changed the surrounding.

Constant moving into the Unknown, moment by moment and day by day turn to be extraordinary Source of

Inspiration and never-ending Creative Energy Flow!

Create it trust it own it

This renewed awareness broth to me even more focused intention on what I’ll bring in and how to co-create setup for the harmonious energy flow within my minimalistic living space.

What didn’t change though is already established pre-Creative routine and setting process in any space I have lived previously. However, travelling into unknown brings a lot of unpredictability and as many new challenges to be solved. Yet, it seems that creative solutions are found much more effortlessly when we are closer’ to the Earth, Ocean, Sun and clean Air.

So here is what I did and how I’ve created harmonious, balanced and vibrant energy in my minimal-istic space under most challenging circumstances.


Before anything else, going into the silence through any form or exercise will re-connect us with our Peaceful Heart Space.

Personal Detoxification of Body, Emotion and Mind – Deep State Energy Cleansing.



“CreARTor” – mix media on canvas

  By purifying ourselves and releasing all the darker/dancer energies, everything else we do it will come from the space of clarity and frequency of the Love/Light. In this process is also included specific Intentions for what and why we would like to manifest.

Deep State Energy Cleansing can be used for any other purposes and is done with a ritualistic and spiritual approach. I’m using smudging, crystals, colors, conscious created affirmation, meditative manifestation process, spring water for drinking, natural streams for bathing and only Eco-friendly natural cleaning substances.

(For detailed process of Self Inner Care, Youth-ing Strategies and Deep State Energy Cleansing, keep an eye on my next articles)

Sound is another component that should not be forgotten or taken lightly.  In my creative process of over 35 years, I have never made any piece of art without having well-chosen music in the background.

(Suggested: Energy Healing frequencies, Reiki music, Nature sounds, Mozart 7th Symphony first 3.5 minutes repeated and/or any calming instrumentals)

Movement, Color and Music is an dividable trinity and without one of them, the creation loses its Power. By choosing specific sound (in this case synchronization and cleansing frequencies) along with the Color, we’re implanting the balancing and harmonious vibration into the process.

Next, I would choose/create Decor elements that are functional and multi-purposeful, yet aesthetically beautiful, colorful and vibrant. If we consciously create/choose every piece with a heartfelt intention to serve the specific purpose, we are already manifesting desired outcome.

my new paintings

“Lapis Lazuly” Crystal Art

**Colors have the Power to move our energy vibration, to lift our mood, to highlight the emotions, to create the balance in our spaces and our bodies, to attract the abundance in our homes and offices…but most importantly, Colors are  the true essence of Who We Are. With that in my mind and heart, I create Energy Corners Art…and more**  


In any of those stages, the most important element is The Love Energy that comes from the purity of our Hearts! If we clean and decorate our space with anger, resentment, stressful or in rush just to be done, those lower vibration emotions will be anchored in everything we do.

Starting with genuine Love and Joy for what we are doing and finishing with Gratitude and Appreciation for what we have,

Is the Magnet for Miraculous Transformations to be manifested.


How much we really love what/why we are doing, it will determine the Energy Flow within our living/working space.

When we are aware of our own Energy State of Being, it will become easier for us to be aware of the Energy in our Space. Our Homes are our Extended/Auric Body from which we’re absorbing the energy and vice versa.

( Plants have the purifying effect to the Air , while well chosen colors will rise the energy vibration to another level. Check my website for more information,  https://loveritas.wixsite.com/milenaloveritas  

Therefore, being mindful about every moment to moment it will instantaneously shift and transform not only our mindset and feelings, but our Connection to Ourselves, to Others and to our Creative Power.

The results will become obvious in our productivity, level of joy, general well-being and harmonious relationships with others.


Most of what is written here you had heard before, but do we following up on these Universal Truths?

I would love to believe, I have touched’ your creative mind/heart with a single spark of inspiration or motivated you to consider taking renewed approach to

 Energy Flow within Yourself



Suggested Personal questions

Do Not make excuses and blame people or anything else for the negative energy around you, including Yourself!

Simply Be Truthful and completely Honest, as the purpose of these questions are to make a difference not to judge circumstances.

 Also, please answer them quickly and without any analyzing, just go for the first thought,

This is your Instinctual Self!


How do you Feel when you wake up every morning?

What do you See first when you wake up?

What sound you have on your alarm clock or what you Hear when you open your eyes?

What Smell do you love the most to start your day with?

Which Color will capture your immediate attention?

What would be your morning routine that will bring the Smile on your face?

What is the One Thing which you can do/create effortlessly when you walk into your space?

Questions to consider next time you decide to clean and/or re-decorate your home/office space:


Do it yourself at least once a month, even if you don’t have to!




What it means for you having a Clean Home or Office?

What you can do to bring more balanced and harmonious energy in your space?

Do you avoid coming back home or going into your office? Why do you feel that? What irritates you the most?

Are you conscious about the items you’re buying/creating? Or you’re doing it just for the sake of having those objects because of the Trend and/or any other rezones?

How often you are cleaning (if you do), with the smile on your face and with the intention of realizing the stale and negative energies?

On what bases you choose the Colors on your furniture, pictures or your blankets? Are they resonating with you or you feel discomfort?

What music do you play in the background if any? Is it intense and dark frequency or uplifting and harmonious?

Do you have any living plants in your space? If so, how well you look after them?

When did you last sat in silence and observe your space? What are you noticing? What are you feeling?

Feel free to add any other question that comes to your mind…no filtering!


Now, be genuinely Grateful for Who You Are and

What You have Manifested in your life!



Celebrate your renewed Creative Energy Flow and maintain the high vibe within and in your creative space with awareness and smile on your face.

Observe how others change their attitude in your presence and how easy become to communicate, connect and be in harmony with others.

Make a conscious choice to Be in charge of Your Own energy vibration and the vibe you bring into your home and any space you walk in.


I hope this article has been useful and helpful in some way, but you will know if is

True for You, only if you Try.



Thank you for your curiosity and time!


color your imagination

Milena LoVeritas


All rights reserved by Ⓒ Loveritas Creative Empowerment 2020-2022



Authenticity is Not to be Nice’ to others and hide our

Inner Truth



Be True to Ourselves

The wisdom of Be-ing and Live-ing in Truth of who we really are is found in our strength and courage to break through all the chains of limitations, restrictions and falls believes.

Every break through requires a complete honesty towards yourself and recognition of all the achievements and falls we have been through. While looking to it as a stepping stones towards

 the Truth of Who we Really Are.

This process is the challenge itself and is never easy or the overnight job. Our Ego will push us to the edge of our will power and our subconscious mind will pull us back in doubt, fear and resentment.

When we come to the point in life where nothing is left to loose , nobody to turn too, nothing to feel sorry for and nowhere to go – We are the most powerful in our capability to Create that which we desire.

Why? Why those most terrifying moments are the most potent and most liberating ones?


In the empty space of our Being-ness we can find the richness of Infinite potential!


If we reflect on our achievements throughout our lives, we can find the self produced strength that

no-body and no-thing have ever given us.

If we reflect on our most challenging times, we can find that the courage we had to go through those challenges, didn’t come from outside but from within ourselves.

If we reflect on our most blissful moments in our lives, we can find that the Light which brighten up our Soul come from the sparks we have had within our Hearts.

One of the greatest illusions we have adopted as a Humans is that the Things, People and Places are the reasons the way we feel, the way we act and the way we are in our society.

Therefore, the Only Way to break through all the lies and illusions about ourselves is to Go Through All of It, the good , the bad, the ugly, the painful and the beautiful,

In Truth, Acceptance and with Love for Who You Really Are.


To reclaim Your Power, to re-connect with your Inner Truth and to start Living Authentically and Freely

You MUST accept both, the Light and the Shadow aspects of Yourself!


That itself will liberate and propel you into renewed Creator that You Are, and fills you with curiosity to start co-creating your Now/Future Self .


So, ask yourself those questions and any other which you have avoided asking yourself:

What does Authenticity mean to you?

What is your Inner Truth you haven’t courage to accept it?

What would you create with your most Powerful Self?

Why Be-ing Authentic is important for you?

Why would You choose Truth and Love?

Whom do you Trust the most and Why?


(create your own heartfelt mantra/affirmation)

I Am Authentic Sovereign Being

I Am That I Am


I Am Free To Be Me.


Milena Loveritas


************************Prevod na Srpskom***************************


Autenticnost Nije biti’ Fin’ prema drugima i prikrivati svoju Unutrasnju Istinu, vec biti Istinit prema Sebi.


Mudrost u Biti I Ziveti u Istini ko zaista jesmo, pronalazi se u snazi I samopouzdanju da prekinemo sve lance sputavanja, ogranicavanja I laznih verovanja o nasoj nemoci za promene.

Svako probijanje/promena zahteva kompletnu iskrenost prema sebi I prepoznavanje svega sto smo postigli kao I padove kroz koje smo prosli. Posmatrajuci sve kao kamen oslonac prema Istini Ko Zaista Jesmo.

Ovaj process je izazov sam po sebi I nikada nije lak ili posao u jednom danu. Nas Ego ce nas gurati do samog kraja nase snage I nasa ce nas podsvest vuci unazad u sumnje, strahove I razocarenja.


Kada dodjemo do tacke u zivotu gde vise nemamo sta izgubiti, nikoga kome se okrenuti, nicega za cime bi zalili I nikuda gde bi otisli – Mi smo u poziciji kada imamo najvise potencijala I kapaciteta da Kreiramo ono sto najiskrenije zelimo a upravo to I mozemo.


Zasto? Zasto su ti najtezi moment naj potentniji I oni koji nas najvise oslobadjaju?


U praznom prostoru naseg Biti-sanja mi mozemo razotkriti sopstveno bogatstvo beskonacnih mogucnosti!

Ako mi svesno pogledamo i reflektujemo na sve  ono sto smo dostigli u zivotu, mi cemo pronaci samo-stvorenu snagu koju nam Ni-ko nije dao., vec koja je uvek bila u nama.

Ako mi reflektujemo na nase najteze izazove, mi cemo pronaci da snagu koju smo imali da prodjemo kroz sve to , nije dosla izvan nas vec Iz nas samih.

Ako mi reflektujemo na nase najsrecnije momente u zivotu, mi cemo pronaci da Svetlost i Radost koja je obasjala nase Duse dolazi iz neugasive vatre nasih Srca.

Jedna od najvecih iluzija koju smo prihvatili kao Ljudska bica, je da su Stvari, Ljudi,Mesta i situacije razlog zbog cega osecamo to sto osecamo i cinimo to sto cinimo u nasim zivotima.

Dakle, jedini nacin do razbijanja lazi I iluzija o nama samima je ici pravo kroz Sve, sve sto je dobro, lose ,ruzno, bolno I predivno

U Istini I sa Ljubavlju za Sebe Koji Zaista Jesmo.

Da bi povratili svoju Moc, obnovili povezanost sa svojom unutrasnjom Istinom I Snagom i da bi poceli Ziveti Autenticno I Slobodno

Vi Morate prihvatiti I Svetlosnu I Tamnu stranu Sebe!

To ce vas samo po sebi osloboditi I pogurati u obnovljenu Kreativnu Moc za pocetak ko-kreiranja Sada/Buduceg Sebe.

Zato, postavite sebi ova pitanja I sva ostala pitanja koja ste uvek izbegavali pitati sebe

Sta Autenticnost znaci za mene?

Sta je moja Unutrasnja Istina za koju nisam imao/la snage prihvatiti je?

Sta bi ja kreirao/la sa svojom Kreativnom Snagom?

Zasto je meni biti Autentican/na vazno u zivotu?

Zasto bih ja izabrao/la Istinu I Ljubav?

U koga ja najvise Verujem i Zasto?



(kreirajte svoju molitvu/mantru/afirmaciju iz dubina svoga srca)

Ja Sam Autenticno Samoizdrzivo Bice

Ja Sam To Sto Jesam


Ja Sam Slobodan/a Da Budem Ja.



Milena Loveritas







“Golden River”- Self-composed song out of #Galactic Codes Live #Transmission


Loveritas is sharing The Creator’s Creation.

This video is recorded during a very unique and unexpected experience of mine.

I kindly suggest watching the video after you read the description below, because The Power of this Live Streaming of the Golden Codes is rare Transmission recorded by the camera. As many of us are going through the Awakening process, we are connecting through the Galactic rays of Love/Light Energy streams.

If you are watching , you too have experienced some kind of Enlightened moments expressed in your unique way. We are receiving support through the Lions Gate opening that is active for several weeks in November 2019. However, once we anchor’ the codes within our Personal Field we also are co-creating a unified field.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter in which way we have received the Galactic Energy Streams, it is activated and is timeless. So, it is to be used at any time we are experiencing in our 3D time /space reality lower vibrational energies , such as struggle, old patterns, emotional and mental disturbance, tense energies, etc . We are given access to the Codes of Infinite Love and Creative Energy Flow. It is our choice to use it or not and there is no judgment for either or. We are all connected by the same Love/Light, but we are All on our Soul’s Path living in different parallel Universes and dimensions, all at once – Now.

If you choose to use this Transmission intentionally and for anchoring the Codes within your personal Field of energy, I would suggest to watch it in a peaceful, calm and comfortable space. Breathing the Energies In through your Heart and Connect to All that it Is.

Feeling One with the scenery, the sound, the birds, the wind, the water, the colors, the Shadow, the Golden Light of The Father Sun and the warm gentle hug of The Mother Earth.

Be-come One with It All. Out of Heartfelt Gratitude, Childlike innocence and Feeling ONE with All that It Is. Humbled and Grateful, Infinite Love Energy Flow…

Thank you for Be-ing Here, Love your ways from Loveritas!

Creatively Empowered to Heal and Transform

blank canvas of re-birthing

Loveritas Creative Empowerment

has inspired and passionately helped women of all ages around the World to overcome any barriers, traumas, stress, addictions act.

We have built and adopted limiting believes strongly influenced by our social, spiritual, political and/or economic upbringing. With this in mind its been obvious to many of us that the majority of Women/Girls become Victims of abuse, crime, terror and even lose their lives. In fact, 74% of Female popularity has been suffering from some form of depression, anxiety, PTSD …and the list goes on.

Living through the experiences of suffering and pain for decades, Milena Loveritas has discovered that the Power of Creative expression and Arts, if used consciously and therapeutically CAN and DOES heals and helps transform our beliefs and completely re-co-create our lives.

In 2009 Loveritas have made a life-changing leap of faith, by taking the path of studying NLP, EFT, Life Coaching, Leadership/Business coaching …and several other Holistic Healing methods for helping herself break through the chain of suffering, victim-hood, and trauma. A few years after, the Creative Coaching Niche was born.

Creative Coaching has become a powerful vehicle for healing and transformation not only for her own healing and growth but for thousands of other women/men around the Globe.

Milena’s experiences in her childhood and most of her youth were traumatic to that extent that she couldn’t find the way out of the wishes circle of abuse and victimhood for over three decades. But her determination to change and rebuild her life was unstoppable even while facing death.

With the help of Quantum Physics, years of researching the Psychology, Human behavior, and Artistic skills she has had since her early childhood, Milena has developed a unique system that can be tailored to suits every person on the most personal level.

In her work, there is no step by step process that applies to everyone in the same way. Simply because no same behavioral pattern is in all of us and we can’t fit all under the same umbrella. With this in mind, she co-created tailor-made structure in alignment with the client’s need, creative talents and their own creative talents for transformation.

Loveritas Creative Empowerment has offered a unique platform since 2012 – Heart to Art to Heart ( H2A2H) , for Creatives around the World to Collaborate and Co-Create new and innovative ways to support people explore and expand their own Creative Powers. Under the umbrella of H2A2H, we have been offering to the communities free workshops, exchange of Art pieces, one on one coaching, personal mentoring and many different art/creativity classes.

The purpose of our Free Services is to support those who have no easy access to the available internet information and/or financial capacity to grow and expand. Our aim is to help primarily women and girls become independent, confident and self-sustainable, but not excluding the Man either.

We are professionally trained in – Art Therapies, Life Coaching, NLP, EFT, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Visual Fine Arts and other alternative healing methods thought by the most recognized and respected Teachers/Healers of our time. Our passion is not only to help individuals change and live better lives but to live a legacy of Creative Empowerment for our New Generations to come.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed women expansion in their businesses, some become inspirational speakers, some thrive in their private lives, many have healed deepest wounds from their childhood…and that is what inspires us as part of our collective expansion to grow and evolve even more than ever before.
That being said, our next level is to reach out to school programs and empower students from an early age to use their creative abilities in all subjects, to be self-inspired and resilient in their lives. This in the long term will help our children grow into more Creative and Independent citizens of our Global Community.

We also welcome Artists of all forms to join us and share their expertise, skills, and talents with those who need it the most. Or, if you have a creative skill that you would like to expand and master, you are warmly welcomed to contact us @ loveritas@live.com.au .

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read.
Much Love and Creative Hugs!


Loveritas Creative Empowerment

Blindfold Live Painting – Liberating our Inner Child



There is an Inner Child within each one of us, it lives deep down within our core of Being! Our Inner Child is Free to Be and Express its Creative energy the way it comes to us. It’s instinctive and Spontaneous, connected to its feelings and impeccable knowledge of the world around us.

Our Inner Child expresses its feeling freely and without fear of judgment, punishment, wrong or right doings while filling each moment with curiosity, wonder, and excitement.

Growing up, we suppress most of its needs and in most of us, that inner part of who we are gets buried and forgotten.

To wake up to our Inner Child is to wake up to our inner calling for being who we truly are as Authentic, Creative and Free Beings!

As an adult, majority of us are denying that part of ourselves, we are disconnecting from our Hearts and by doing so we distrust our Instincts. What I’ve shared here with you is only a spark of how Liberated Creative Child can be expressed.

I believe for many of you might be unthinkable’ to go public about, but you can always give some space to your Inner Child on your own.

Try it, play with different ideas of games or activities you use to Love it. Whatever that it may be , as long no one is hurt , go for it and raise your energy vibration with joy, laughter, and an open heart !!

After all, it’s only a game anyway! 🙂 😉

From my Child’s Heart to Creativity … to Your Hearts !


Loveritas Creative Empowerment

Numbers and Your True Colors

Embracing the Love of Color is Healing – aligning them with the Numbers is Transforming.

Colors have the power to move and change our vibration when aligned with our personal Numbers – we are starting from our true essence. By learning how to use and integrate the colors with your life number, you are co-creating more balance within and in your space.

But not only that, we are also learning how to embrace the wounded child within and liberate blocked energies through the flow of coloring/doodling. To be playful and free as a child is the easiest and most joyful way to re-discover Your True Colors.

With that in mind and heart, I’ve created this simple yet powerful process for tapping into our true essence, liberating the child within and embracing our creative flow.

For the co-creators who are exploring, expanding and learning to play and use the colors consciously and instinctively, here are the three steps I’ve mentioned in the video above, to start with:

  • Calculate your Life Number

For finding your life number, simply add all the numbers and bring them to single decimal (except 11 and 22)

Example: 03.04.2008 > 3+4+2+8=17 > 1+7=8 Your number would be 8


  • Make an intention of Creative Power

You may like to create your own or if you resonate with the intention below, use any of it:

“I am tapped and tune in with my Creative Power”

“I am tapping into my True essence”

“I am tapping into my True colors of Who I Am”

  • Let it go and follow your inner child

Children don’t question their play, nor they are doubting what colors they will choose. So, we need to let go of our “know it all” “should I or should I not” “what if … and simply stop judging yourself and stop expecting any outcome.

This would be the first step towards creative liberation and for some of you, steps tapping into the full potential of Your own Creative Power. Yet, like anything else we need to be curiously willing to explore and exercise our creative muscle. So, get on with your coloring and have a childlike fun with every stroke of your brush, pan or fingers!

The following is my personal interpretation of each number and its colors. You might like to search other color charts as well, just follow your instinct and take only what resonates with your heart.

  • Number 1 – Golden Yellow
  • Number 2 – Dark Blue
  • Number 3 – Purple
  • Number 4 – Red
  • Number 5 – Orange
  • Number 6 – Green
  • Number 7 – Gray to White
  • Number  8 – Light Blue to Turquoise
  • Number  9 – Brown
  • Number 11 – Purple to Golden Yellow
  • Number 22 – Light Pink to White

If you are interested in expanding your creativity to a higher level, please leave me a comment/question and we’ll get in touch.

I also offer 45min laser’ Creative coaching session as a gift to You

From My Heart to Creativity to Your Hearts!

Milena Loveritas

Why I’m going to Marry Myself 

     ” The Heart’s desire is priceless, but without the will power and courage to communicate and live your Truth from the Heart,nothing would be worth                 pursuing and experiencing. ” 



Few days ago, I’ve proposed to Myself and I got engaged with Myself .

For those who never heard of ,  Sologamy’ is the act of Marring Yourself . 

Yet, for me it has much deeper meaning and profundity than the marriage I have had with my husband.

No, I don’t promote’ self marriage as something everyone should do, not at all. What I’m sharing here is – How I’m learning to love myself unconditionally and what steps I’m taking to live in my True essence.

The decision to Marry Myself I’ve made after being a solo traveler for 22 years, from which I’ve choose to be single explorer for the last 8 years.

Yes, it has been challenging to the bones’ and tough as hell,  but at the same time it was most liberating , expansive, transforming and creative part of my life!  

The Freedom to Be, to explore, to follow the Heart’s desire …to co-create the lifestyle as you wish to be , has its own price’ for everyone who choose this path. In my life the price’ was everything/everyone, I thought I have or believed I know.

Perhaps , one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on that road would be : The Heart’s desire is priceless, but without the will power and courage to communicate and live your Truth from the Heart, nothing would be worth pursuing and experiencing.  

I believe, we all are supported at this period of time, to make some kind of radical changes within ourselves and in our lives. No matter how small or big that it might be , if we love ourselves little more every day , we’ll have more love to offer to others.

Thank you for being curious and have stopped by for this unconventional topic. I truly hope someone out there’ will find it useful and/or it may bring a big smile on your face !

 Sending you sparks of my Love…and more!

                                                                  Milena Loveritas

Color Your Thoughts

 Bring the COLOR to your life 


 Living with our True Colors not only enhances our psychological and emotional well-being,

it re-aligns our true essence with All Beings in the subtle and profound way.  


It would be an underestimation to say that I’m passionate about  creating new solutions , beautifying old and helping others re-discover their own Creative Power.

It stretches beyond the words of my humble experiences , ever moving flow of energy  from the vast  palette of  the Creation Itself.

  To Be Authentic and to Live Content life, we need to fulfill our seventh Human need – The need for Conscious Creating.

How we co-create the bridge from fear to love and from separation to connection, it depends on our imagination and the energy vibration of  Who We Are. 

The Science of Creativity and Color have been pulled me for over 30 years, into the unexploited realms of its power and importance for us as

 Human Beings.

Color is the Science of Arts and has been used for centuries in Psychology, as a method of healing, way of attracting desired outcomes in business, relationships, personal development and many other aspects of Human evolution.

            By wearing, eating and surrounding ourselves with the colors that resonate with our true essence , we are consciously co-creating equilibrium within our body , mind and spirit. Which further evoke higher vibration energies within ourselves and in our surrounding. 

           “There is a lot history of people using color for mental health reasons. Carl Jung used to try to get his patients to color in mandalas at the turn of the last century, as a way of getting people to focus on the subconscious to let go. Now we know it has a lot of other stress busting qualities as well.”

           In the Ancient Egypt color were not used randomly or for the mere beauty of the same , but  with intent to convey meaning and inspire an image with greater power, the complexion and the true nature of the character.

           The color speaks of our Energetic body, our true essence of being and how we are using the same directly influences what/who we attract in our lives. The viewers perspective on who we are at the present moment , is the reflection of the energetic vibration of our Auric field, which is our extended ‘skin’ .



From My Heart to Creation to Your Hearts … to Infinity


        © 2017 – 2019  All rights reserved by Loveritas Creations



Diving deep into the core of our Creative Power!



By letting go of all that we think we know, we’ll create the space for

Creative energy to flow.



Before we can trust in unknown we need to trust ourselves and to step out of our comfort zone.



All that we think we need to be inspired, is already within us and around us.



Doing what we love doing it and co-creating the way for others to do the same.



For the Creative energy to flow freely through us, we need to become an empty vessel.



To embrace paradoxes , the unknown and the Magic of it All, will



Creativity cleans our mind, heals our body and detoxify our soul.



The only true knowing’ is that what we have experienced in the process of co-creating the same , so we Know it as our Truth.



By Be-ing our authentic selves, we enhance our desire to co-create more of

who we really are.



Giving with an open heart without expecting anything in return is as important as receiving.


I AM That I Am.


              wheel of creativity